Monday, 7 October 2013

Not Just Twiddling my Thumbs

I may not have been blogging much lately, but have been very busy Chez Teddybuys.  Here is my 'To Do' list:

  1. I am busy creating bears for the Christmas Treasures online show in November.  I am not allowed to show any of my creations before the show opens...not even a peek!  
  2. I am also starting to create for the Great Brighton Teddybear Event in December.  There is a sweet photo of Teddybuys Whisper  in the October\November edition of Teddybear Times.
  3. I have a collector and a shop waiting for bears, so am fitting these in around everything else.
  4.  I am beyond delighted at the prospect of becoming a grandmother for the first time next April!  Of course, that means making a cot quilt for the new arrival.  Progress can be followed on: 
  5. I am also making mug rugs for the Quilting Bloggers Fall Inspired Swap.  I have a lovely swap partner, Zanna, who is South African but living in Bahrain.
  6. Oh, and I started the Advanced Quilting course at Kathy's Patch last Thursday and need to finish my New York Beauty block.  I have made New York Beauty before, but this is a more complex block. 
  7. I also have some polymer clay sculpts waiting for completion.

I'm not sure it was a good idea to make a 'To Do' list (now that I see how long it is)!