Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hugglets Tomorrow

It's cold with snow flurries here in Kent today.  I'm looking forward to Hugglets tomorrow.  The show always has a great buzz and there are so many people who share the same passion to talk to!  I have decided not to preview all the bears that will be coming with me, so there are some surprises 'on the day'.  Several of my colourful aged, pre-loved style bears will be with me. I will be downstairs (Hall 3) on Stand 111 (near the stairs and loos!). Please come and say hi!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Nine days to go!

I'm still busy creating for Hugglets.  I have been busy with my hand-dyed mohair and tweaking my design. If you're planning to visit Hugglets, do come and see me.  I will be in Hall 3 (downstairs).

Monday, 11 February 2013

It may be snowing, but....

It may be snowing outside, but I have Spring on my mind.  I have spent this morning hand dyeing a metre of natural Schulte mohair into a collection of pastel shades.  Dyeing fabric is one of my favourite pastimes.  I am too lazy to write down my recipes, so I cannot exactly repeat the colours.  I prefer to take a chance and mix dye colours together to see what happens.  This is about as dangerous as my life gets! :)  I can't wait to start turning this mohair into teddies.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

More Bears for Hugglets

The dark, chilly days of winter in the UK are always difficult, so I am cheering myself up by creating bears in lovely Spring colours.  I have noticed that the snowdrops are out and it will only be a matter of days before the first of my daffodils are in bloom. 


Only two weeks until Hugglets!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Creating New Bears for Hugglets

It's less than three weeks until Hugglets, so I'm busy creating new bears for this lovely show.  The following is a peek at a couple of the bears that will be coming to the show.  They are an adaptation of my 'preloved series' teddies that were first shown at Hugglets last September.  It is amazing the difference the use of different materials makes to a design.  I have redesigned the bodies to suit the Schulte alpaca I have used.  This wonderful plush gives them a lovely, fresh appearance.  They are about 9.5 inches tall, with wired arms, five joints, English glass eyes and sculpted, felt feet and paws.