Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Floral Easter

There are few places more beautiful than England in the Spring.  I took a few photos of the flowers in my garden very early Easter Sunday morning.  There is something joyous about nature waking up and showing off its colours after a long winter.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

New Black Bear Cub

The weather here is glorious...25 degrees yesterday and the forecast is good for the Easter break.  I have been struggling ever since I began bearmaking, to design a teddy that will stand on all fours that lives up to my expectations.  I think I have made a bit of a breakthrough this week with 'Cub'.  (She doesn't have a name yet).  With each bear, I am gradually getting closer to what I want, but it is a slow, baby steps process. I am not a draftsperson or terribly methodical or logical in my approach, so refining the pattern takes a long time.  I have used one of my favourite tipped alpacas...the fur makes such a difference to the look of a realistic bear.  I have yet to decide whether to give her claws.  She has six joints and her legs are wired for flexibility of posing.  Hope you like her.



Friday, 8 April 2011

The Garden and my Camera

Despite having a decent digital camera, a light tent and lighting, I cannot take a decent photograph.  It is very frustrating being unable to do my bears justice and capture their characters to my satisfaction.  I have tried adjusting white balance and adjusting a variety of settings but I am a hopeless case.  However, I hope there is some light on the horizon.  I am going on a one day portraiture photography course for beginners in two weeks time.  I really hope that my pictures will show some improvement after the course. 

With the very warm weather we've been having, flowers and blossoms are not lasting long in the garden, so I took my camera outside and took a few photos.  We have a beautiful magnolia tree, but the blossom doesn't last long.  It is looking particularly lovely this year.  Our tulips are in flower.  We don't usually see them until May.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

6th April and 21 Degrees

It's a scorcher today (for April) and my day off, so decided to sit in the garden.  I'm sure it cannot last, so decided to make the most of it!  We are going away in our touring caravan soon, so expect the weather to take a turn for the worse :)

My planters and tubs are looking a treat, so took some photos.  Some of my recent critters seem to have sneaked into the photos.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Spring Fox Cub

I have just created my first fox cub.  I really enjoyed making him.  He is made with caramel and white mohair.  He has taxidermy glass eyes and his front legs and tail are wired.  His nose is hand-moulded using black epoxy clay.  His paw mads are black cashmere.  He is 15 inches tall and heavy as he contains a pouch of stainless steel balls.  His head and back legs are jointed.  I love creating something different to my usual bears.  I am on a mission to create enough bears to fill a table for shows in May and June, but I could not resist a Spring fox!