Wednesday, 6 April 2011

6th April and 21 Degrees

It's a scorcher today (for April) and my day off, so decided to sit in the garden.  I'm sure it cannot last, so decided to make the most of it!  We are going away in our touring caravan soon, so expect the weather to take a turn for the worse :)

My planters and tubs are looking a treat, so took some photos.  Some of my recent critters seem to have sneaked into the photos.


  1. Huh, cold and rainy here! Glad you enjoyed your day off though

  2. How lovely to have gorgeous weather for your day off! No doubt you will be getting some April showers at some time too :) We're slipping into Autumn, the nights are cool but the days are still warmish and best of all there is very little wind! (That's rare for Tassie, they don't call our latitude the roaring forty's for nothing!)

  3. Your critters look so good posed in your garden. I love how the fox looks like he is sneaking in that shot for everyone to see him, so like a fox.