Thursday, 21 April 2011

New Black Bear Cub

The weather here is glorious...25 degrees yesterday and the forecast is good for the Easter break.  I have been struggling ever since I began bearmaking, to design a teddy that will stand on all fours that lives up to my expectations.  I think I have made a bit of a breakthrough this week with 'Cub'.  (She doesn't have a name yet).  With each bear, I am gradually getting closer to what I want, but it is a slow, baby steps process. I am not a draftsperson or terribly methodical or logical in my approach, so refining the pattern takes a long time.  I have used one of my favourite tipped alpacas...the fur makes such a difference to the look of a realistic bear.  I have yet to decide whether to give her claws.  She has six joints and her legs are wired for flexibility of posing.  Hope you like her.




  1. I really love her Sue! Her proportions are just right. It is such a hard thing to do because they have to be designed so differently when going on all fours. You have done a wonderful job.

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous and so realistic!! Congratulations on such a lovely little bear.