Monday, 4 April 2011

Spring Fox Cub

I have just created my first fox cub.  I really enjoyed making him.  He is made with caramel and white mohair.  He has taxidermy glass eyes and his front legs and tail are wired.  His nose is hand-moulded using black epoxy clay.  His paw mads are black cashmere.  He is 15 inches tall and heavy as he contains a pouch of stainless steel balls.  His head and back legs are jointed.  I love creating something different to my usual bears.  I am on a mission to create enough bears to fill a table for shows in May and June, but I could not resist a Spring fox!


  1. Very cute. The ones running around here are a bit mangy!

  2. He is a beauty. Real but still cute. I love the taxidermy eyes, they are beautiful.

  3. he got a kind face, i think children love fox if they see yours first :)