Sunday, 20 June 2010

New Bear Cubs

It is still very chilly for June in Kent, so good weather for teddy-making.  I have been developing a new design.  It is based on my larger realistic design, but smaller and slightly simplified.  There are still 6 joints including a double-neck joint but the paws and pads have had a simpler treatment.  The bears are 10 inches tall and are made from lovely dense German alpaca.  The are VERY cuddly and soft, so cannot stand unaided.  They prefer to sit.  Their names are Tabasco, Cocoa and Snowflake.  They are looking for loving new homes and are £80 each plus shipping. Tabasco and Cocoa have found new homes.  Tabasco is off to Belgium and Cocoa will be leaving for the USA.


  1. Sue, they are darling! I love all three, but particularly Cocoa. Your bears have such sweet little faces. :o)

    Hugs from Colorado,
    Debora, New Avenue Crew

  2. Tabasco is now safe and sound, living in Belgium with his big brother Tramp and his sister Bashful. They are a happy bunch and they enjoy playing around in the garden and eating lots of Belgian chocolates !