Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hurrah, the holidays are here!

School has finished until the 1st of September, so now is the time to restart my bearmaking.  I always have a very late spring clean when school finishes and before we go now that is done, I thought I'd try an open mouthed polar bear.  I have tried this before on a number of occasions, but never been pleased with the result.

This time, I cut away the lower jaw part of my side head piece and added a small chin gusset.  So, today I have completed the head, ready for a double-neck joint and body.  His inner mouth area is soft, black leather and his tongue is ultrasuede that I have painted using acrylic paints.  I hope to find time tomorrow.  I'm not sure about the ears or their placement.  I may trim them and/or move them.  I will decide tomorrow.  He doesn't have a name yet. 

1 comment:

  1. He's coming out really cute, Sue! I've only made one open-mouth bear (in a class), and I wasn't too thrilled with him. Your solution looks fabulous!