Thursday, 9 June 2011

Stratford Artist Bear Event This Weekend

I've just realised that I've had a blog for a year!  Once Stratford is behind me, I will have to think of marking this milestone in some way! 

I'm really looking forward to this weekend.  Mike and I are going to do some sightseeing in and around Stratford-Upon-Avon on Saturday.  No doubt we will do the usual tourist-type things.  I just hope it doesn't rain all day.  We have booked a nice hotel and Mike's Mum is dog-sitting for us.  On Sunday, we are off to the Stratford Artist Bear Event.  The bears are already packed up and ready to go.  I have been poorly for the last 24 hours, but hope I will be fit for the weekend.

Hazel and Henry will be coming with me.


  1. I hope you are feeling better and have a wonderful weekend. I want to go to the Stratford show someday! Hazel and Henry are beautiful.

  2. Feel better, hope you have a fab show!

  3. О, какие они чудесные, самые настоящие медведи :)))