Monday, 27 August 2012

Hugglets Preparation - 1

I am presently well and truly in bearmaking mode with Hugglets just under two weeks away.  I have a confession to make - although I am best known for realistic style bears, I adore bright and pastel shades.  These are not really suitable for realistic bears, so I have designed a new pattern that will, I hope allow me to use some of the colours I have been hankering to use for so long.  I have finished two prototypes and so, now I needed some interesting mohair colours

Out came my 'all in one dyes'.  I wanted apricot or muted orange, a green, bright pink and very pale blue colours.  I didn't have any green dye so mixed some hyacinth blue with lemon yellow to get green.  I am pretty happy with the colours - maybe the green is a little strong, but hope I can coffee dye it later to tone it down.

Now to get cutting out and sewing!


  1. I think the colours all beautyfull! And the green one in my opinion, is definitely the right one.
    I make a bear in a dark forrestgreen, you can see at my blog. And i make one in white and your colour of green, and it looks great.
    If you like i can send you an picture.


  2. Oooh, fab colours, looking forward to seeing what they turn into!