Sunday, 1 May 2011

My Tissavel Sable

I have had a piece of Tissavel sable synthetic fur in my stash for the past three years, but haven't had the courage to cut into it.  I finally took the plunge and made a lifesize hare from it using taxidermy glass eyes.  He has a double-neck joint, jointed rear legs and wired front legs.  This may be the last time I use synthetic fur.  I think I may be allergic to it!


  1. Oh he's fabulous, well done!

    Don't necessarily write off all faux fur just yet. I was horribly allergic to one piece, but have been fine with others, I think it depends on what chemicals they use to finish it - I strongly suspect the one I was allergic to had had lanolin applied to it, which I know I'm allergic to - it's a natural softener, hence wool is lovely and soft. Maybe see if you can feel some other pieces?

  2. Wow look at him. His fur is gorgeous. It looks perfect for a real rabbit. I love the first picture of him looking at the camera, he really looks like he is looking.
    Too bad about the allergy. I have had many pieces of beautiful faux fur in my possession over the years, but truly I am a natural fabric person myself. I'm sure it won't hurt too much to stick to the mohair and the alpaca.

  3. aww...he's a cute bunny! =)

  4. That face is as cute as my raccoon, Sue! I love him!!
    Mini hugs,

  5. Oops! I meant to say the real raccoon that visits my deck, but I expect you realized that!
    I love how you photographed the bunny "in the wild." Great picture!

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