Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I Can't Help Myself

OK, so I admit it.  I just love mohair and alpaca.  Because most of my bears are made using alpaca, I have ended up with a good sized (understatement) stash of mohair.  I am particularly keen on soft, silky, curled kid mohair.  I cannot resist it, so I buy it and then don't know what to do with it.  If anyone knows of a treatment for this addiction, please let me know. 

Another issue I have with curly mohair is that it is difficult to use on  bear faces where I tend to prefer straight fur to work with.  A little while ago, I designed a new pattern that I called my 'Popsies'.  Blushes and Peaches both came from this pattern.  I thought it might be interesting to use a yummy piece of toffee-coloured  curled mohair from my stash with my Popsie pattern. 

I constantly fiddle with my designs or should I say 'I develop my designs' :) and the following bear has the Popsie head , my panda pattern body and arms, and leg pattern adapted from my realistic bears.  Does this make me a Dr Frankenstein? It surprised me how well the different elements from my different designs have gone together.  Anyway, 'Autumn' is the result.


  1. Aww, Autumn is a very cute Frakenstein (and I have made a few bears with leg of one, arm of another etc ;o) Actually that sounds like some kind of witch's spell...)

  2. He is so sweet. I love the straight muzzle inset with the curly face.
    I am in the same boat as you. I love to work with straight mohair, but have lots of wavy stuff. It is so beautiful to look at. Every once in a while I sneak a bear in with it.

  3. I am the same too, I worked mostly on straight mohair. The wavy mohair is fine for smaller bears but when it comes to bigger bears, I might have a problem too!

    Autumn is beautiful!