Monday, 15 August 2011

Thinking ahead!

It seems like a travesty to start thinking of autumn while still in the midst of August.  I don't really usually think in terms of the seasons when it comes to bearmaking, but have decided to have a go and make some bears using autumnal colours.  Rollo is the first with autumn in mind.  I just adore these standing clown bears and cannot resist making one from time to time. He is made from two shades of Schulte mohair - a lovely ginger mohair that I fell in love with straight away and a complementary blonde shade.  I think the oranges and reds really suit him.

Hope you like him.  He will be making his debut at Hugglets.


  1. I love him! Love autumn themed bears. The colors work so beautifully on him.

  2. Oh what a sweet bear!
    I love his fur and his nosy expression. ;-)


  3. Aww, he looks gorgeous and huggable