Wednesday, 7 September 2011

There's a chill in the air!

It  has been very chilly here the last couple of days.  I can only hope that the better weather returns and we get an Indian summer.

Somehow it seems appropriate that I have just finished a polar cub.  His name is Pakak which I believe means 'into mischief'.  He has a locline neck and spine with jointed and wired legs.  He has sculpted black leather paw pads and epoxy clay claws.  His eyes are black English glass with white and black Fimo sclera and eyelids.  I have had great fun posing him. I hope you like him!

Enough playing around...I still have to get ready for Hugglets.  There are bears to photograph so I can create their adoption tags and several of the bears do not have their tails, yet.

I'm also going on a needlefelting course in about 10 days and haven't done any of the pre-sewing yet!  Does it sound like I'm panicking?  Too right, I am!


  1. I really love this bear. How adorable in his posing.

  2. Aww, he's gorgeous! Hope you have a great day at Hugglets, and enjoy your course when you get to it (after the Hugglets stress has all gone lol)

  3. It's chilly here too! Cute bear =)