Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hugglets this weekend!

I will be at Hugglets this Sunday - at table 18D in Hall 1.

This was an unexpected booking and due to a late cancellation, so it will now be all hands to the pump to ensure I am ready!  I will probably be on my own so please come and say hello if you get the chance. 

I will take some 'show preview' photos and post them later in the week.

My British Bear Artist Award arrived in the post this morning.  Pakak, my winning bear, now has a wonderful home in Belgium so is not pictured with the award.

Ta ta for now - I have bears to finish!


  1. congratulations on both, the exhibition and the award, they're both precious. Great job, Sue, perhaps meet you next time.

  2. Oh yay! Hope you have a great show, and glad your award came through :o)