Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Hugglets and Linda Benson Course

I travelled up to Kensington via the High Speed train from Kent to visit Hugglets on Sunday.  Had a lovely pub lunch with the long-suffering other half and headed into the Halls.  As usual, there was a sufeit of fabulous bears.  I only managed to see 3 of Paula's (All Bear) bears as the others were sold, but they were just wonderful.  There is no doubt that although photos are great, there is no substitution for holding the bears yourself.  I had a chat with Marjan Jorritsma of Tonnibears (another of my favourite artists).  Her bears have such a lovely, gently aged appearance to them and she had brought with her some absolutely charming little prim dogs.  I must have one soon!  I also managed a good hug from one of Dawn's (Hugs Unlimited) bears. He was very hard to put down...just like holding a baby and just as appealing.  So many other wonderful artists...I could go on forever!

I picked up a couple of lovely pieces of ivory pure silk plush fabric from the Japan Bear Co.  I will need to think carefully about how best to use them...possibly another polar bear???

I am off to Lincolnshire on Friday evening for a weekend ourse with the wonderful Linda Benson.  I said hi to her at Hugglets and had the opportunity to see the bear we will be making.  Can't wait but also feeling some trepidation.  Hope I will be able to keep up and not make a hash of my bear.

I have done the pre-sewing and hope to produce a sequence of photos of my progress.

The kit has arrived from Jean and Bill Ashburner.  Just beautiful shiny black and ivory mohair.

I have carefully cut out the pattern and completed the presewing.  No head yet!

More to follow next week...

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