Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Teddybuys Workroom

I have recently moved my teddy making space from the dining room into an upstairs room.  After three years, we can now sit down and eat without having to pack all my equipment and supplies away!  It always took me ages to find my tools afterwards. :)

My new workroom has space to store and work and best of all...I don't have to keep moving things at the end of each bearmaking session.

At the moment, most of my materials are in a large old Victorian wardrobe, but I hope eventually to get something more suitable.

I am really pleased with the functional shelves in the photo.  They were £50 from Argos and are extremely sturdy, so a great buy.  I also bought a large filing cabinet (also a bargain, as it was a second) which now houses my patterns etc.

It's lovely to have my own space for my bears.  It feels all cosy and the dogs snooze by my feet.  I can shut myself away and forget about everything else!




  1. So great to have your own room for creating! I love the shelf filled with bears. :o)

    ~Debora and the Crew

  2. Thanks, Debora. You're so right! It has made me realise how stressed and guilty I felt over having all my materials 'on show' in the dining room!

  3. How did I miss that you were blogging? I love your workspace. And I love your blog too. I found you on the Best Bear Blogs site.