Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sox - an experiment

I have just finished Sox.  He is a large bear cub made from Shulte mohair and alpaca.  I usually make most of my bears from alpaca, but have restricted it here to the cream fur on his muzzle, ear linings, chest stripe and feet.  The golden mohair is really soft and silky to the touch.  He has the usual double-neck joint, but I have used cashmere instead of leather for his toes.  His toes have been pulled, as usual for my bears.  He is soft and cuddly, designed to sit.


  1. He is just magnificent, Sue (or was it "exquisite" :-)
    Who could resist those puppy dog eyes...
    I do hope that one of these years you will be an exhibitor at Hugglets; your table must be pure magic !

    Hugs, Peter, Bashful, Tramp & Tabasco