Wednesday, 6 October 2010

My Stash and Deadlines

One of the greatest pleasures of teddy making, is to have an idea for a design and then to look through my stash of mohair to see if I have any fur that will suit my idea.  I have spent quite a long time working nearly exclusively with alpaca, but recently have wanted to create bears from two different coloured mohairs.

So today I have dragged out my stash and played around with different combinations of colours...such fun!  I have found combinations for three new bears. 

I am busy bear making for the online Holiday Bear Show on November 20th and 21st and for the British Bear Fair in Brighton on December 12th, so am unlikely to have any available for adoption before then.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful mohair. Your bears are going to look so good in all this waviness.

  2. Yes, I agree with Joanne. I love the wavy mohair.
    Sue, I would love if you would follow my blog. I have a couple of blogs that might interest you. One is "Are you a hoarder?" and the other "why do you make bears".
    I would love your comments,
    Hugs from Down Under