Thursday, 17 March 2011

Not finishing anything!

I have taken a couple of snaps of two new bears, Jet and Hazel.   Head shots only, at present, as I haven't finished their paws and claws.  I find that hand sewing the leather pads quite hard on my hands, so will work on them over the next couple of weeks.  I will try to get on with another couple of projects in the meantime.  I am the sort of person who normally prefers to finish a bear before I start another, so it will be interesting to see if I can change the way I normally work.

Both Jet and Hazel are made with Schulte alpaca.  It always amazes me just how different the feel and appearance of alpaca can be.  Jet's alpaca is 25mm, nearly black,  shiny and very smooth and dense. Hazel's alpaca is 22mm, less shiny, but dense.

Dark bears, like Jet are very difficult to photograph.  When they are finished, I'll get my photo tent and lighting equipment out and try to take some decent photos.  I've noticed that in the second photo, the noses look huge.  I think the camera has focussed on the noses, so will have to get the manual out and work out how to stop that from happening.  Too much to learn...not enough time...!!  Also, Hazel's colour is more realistic in the first photo.  I lightened the second photo so Jet would look less like a black blob, but in the process, Hazel has been lightened as well.  Arghh...


  1. Aww, so cute! I picked up some alpaca for the first time at Hugglets, but haven't had a chance to play yet

  2. They are both beautiful. I love alpaca, so thick and soft.
    Leather paw pads are really hard on the fingers. The tips of mine are very callused. I use glovers needles, helps a lot.

  3. They are darling, Sue! Such sweet faces. You use some lovely furs for your bears.