Monday, 25 July 2011

Heads Up!

I normally make one bear at a time...from start to finish.  With only about 6 weeks to go until Hugglets, and not having any realistic bears made, I thought I would try to create the bear heads first.  I takes me about 8 to 10 hours to complete a head with double-neck joint.  Sometimes it takes longer. I'm not convinced that this method will be more efficient...or how I will feel having to sew and stuff five bodies on the trot!  Still, it's fun to see those little faces watching me on from my work table.


  1. Lol, it does look like a slightly unfortunate beary Marie Antoinette moment!

  2. I should add though, they are very cute!

  3. oh, you have moved on a super highway, they all got lovely faces,.
    seems i have to work fast to catch up with you.
    see you soon, Sue.

  4. Sue,
    Did you see this article?
    The great teddy bear shipwreck mystery

  5. Thanks Richard...Great story!