Saturday, 2 July 2011

Teddies on Parade Online Show Preview

The preview of 75 bear artist bears for the Teddies on Parade online show has now begun!  We are only allowed to show you one bear prior to the show opening on July 15th.  Yours truly has five bears ready for the show.  I just need to photograph them and prepare my show page.

My preview bear is...

Benjamin - ready to go on parade! 

He is about 18 inches tall and made from a gorgeous, soft Schulte alpaca which is dark brown with an even darker tip.  He has 6 joints including a double-neck joint, hand-moulded nose and cashmere paw pads.

To see all the other lovely preview bears, click on the Bears on Parade banner on this page.

I have been working on a variation of my Sasha unveil at the show.  These bears are smaller and less realistic than my signature style.  They have been fun to make...and you know what they say ... variety is the spice of life! :)

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