Thursday, 21 July 2011

It's Hugglets for me!

I have just heard that I have a table at Hugglets on Sunday, September 11th.  This will be my first time as an exhibitor there, although I have been a regular visitor over the past four years.  I feel excited, but daunted too.  So, no time for blogging...must get designing and making!  I did think I had until the British Bear Fair in November to get ready.  It's a good thing Tuesday was my last day in school until September 2nd.  No rest for the wicked!



  1. Great, see you soon in Sept, my table is 142 :)

  2. What table number are you Sue? I'm in my usual spot near the stage in the main hall, see you there, it's actually not that far away now! EEEEK!

  3. Woohoo, congrats! I doubt I shall ever grace its hallowed halls as anything but a collector, but I imagine it must be a lot of fun to sell there, if not a little exhausting!

  4. Hugglets? Sounds like the Hogwarts of Teddy Bear making :) Good luck with the show. Getting any heat over there? It's absolutely frightful here, close to 100 degrees, yuck!