Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Decisions, decisions

I am making a black bear cub at the moment.  The head is almost, but not quite complete.  He has a locline neck and spine.  Poor chap's head has been photographed propped up in a Kilner jar.

 I have a bit of a dilemma.  I don't know whether to give him bent legs, so he is designed to sit and be hugged like a teddy...or to give him a 'standing on all fours' body.  The standing on all fours body has to be stuffed more firmly so that he can stand well, so is not so huggable.  Which would YOU prefer? 


  1. sue, you can do it all in one :)
    AND stuff it soft :D

    have a look at my teddies, the special edition ones ... phillip, jackson, jessie coinin, and si'kary

    they are all with spine, and can do all, standing, sitting, rolling ... whatever you want, AND are soft stuffed.

    incase you dont know them:
    those teddys are also on my blog on how they move

    if you want to know more ... just send your questions :)

  2. Oh, he looks like a bear that needs hugs...

    1. I think you're right!
      Thanks, Katie.

  3. I am with Martina on this. With a spine and neck and some wire in his limbs he can be both. What a sweet beautiful face he has.

    If I did have to choose though, I would always choose soft. I love to cuddle.

    1. A bit more work designing flexibility in is required on my part, I think.
      Many thanks, Joanne.