Friday, 9 March 2012

Primitive Effort

I belong to a Meetup group called 'Crafting in Kent'.  I joined the group when I retired at the end of last year.  The members meet once a month to discuss their crafting projects.  They also have occasional activities meetings.  Last night we went to Dreamshapes Crafts, just outside Ashford,  for an evening of crafting.  Most of the ladies painted lovely ceramics, but I decided to attempt to decorate a wooden storage box.  I couldn't trust myself to paint on anything that wasn't flat!  Bear makers can never have enough storage boxes for all the sundries we use in the making of bears! 

I have not painted in many years, and have never painted a bear before.  Of course, I draft out pattern pieces all the time, but painting something recognisable is another thing altogether.  I have always admired primitive works, so thought I would have a go at a primitive polar bear.  I managed to get paint everywhere.  I reminded myself of a young child at a playgroup with paint over herself, the brushes, her clothes...  Once the paint was dry I added some 'bling' in the form of sequins, stars and little gems.

Anyway, the resulting polar bear is rather wobbly, but the box will take pride of place on my work table.  The evening was great fun and it is probably good for me to move outside of my comfort zone occasionally!


  1. Aww, I think your bear looks great! I love the chance to explore different crafts, it's amazing to see what you can actually do :o)

  2. Looks excellent, Sue. Nice to do something out of your comfort zone once in a while!