Saturday, 10 March 2012

Teddies Worldwide Online Show Preview

It is now possible to view preview photos of teddies created by the 90 artists taking part in the Teddy's Tea Party online show and you can vote for your favourite.  Go to:

It looks like it will be the biggest and best yet.  I am hoping that I will find a new bear for my own hug!

My preview bear is a gentle bear called Pearl.  She is 11 inches tall and made from very luxurious Schulte mohair.  The colour reminded me of mother-of-pearl, hence her name.  Alternatively, it might be called blonde or a warm cream.  The way it reflects light makes it difficult to be specific, but the photo is a pretty accurate.

She has 6 joints, including a double-neck joint and her arms are wired for extra posing opportunities.  She is stuffed with Bouncifill and weighted with a calico bag of stainless steel balls.  Her mohair is too beautiful to cover up, so I made her a little bead pearl necklace, so she doesn't feel underdressed for the tea party. She can stand if posed carefully.

 The show itself takes place between the 23rd and 25th March.


  1. Oh very elegant, I particularly love the pearls :o)

  2. Dear Pearl, looks very elegant in her pearls.
    The mohair looks very luxurious.

  3. She is lovely. Her color is so soft, I love it.
    She looks like the perfect bear to join Peter's bunch (wonder if he ever reads your blog) She has already found the good food, and his bruins love to eat.

  4. Always beautiful! Love her wonderful moahir and sweetness!

  5. Your bears displayed for the Teddy Bear Tea are all wonderful Sue! Beautiful as usual!