Thursday, 29 March 2012

Some colour, at last!

The unusually warm Spring weather has brought some flowers out in the garden.  I couldn't resist going out to take a few photos, as they won't last for long in this heat!

Firstly, our lovely old magnolia tree. It never fails to put on a good show.


Robin Hood - the first of the tulips.  There should be lots more to come...
Wild primroses and polyanthus

Our daphne - the blooms aren't that impressive, but the scent is out of this world.  The leaves have a lovely silver edge to them.
 The purple pulsitilla is in flower - but the white variety is way behind!
We are lucky enough to have wild violets blooming in different places around the garden.  They are so small they are easy to miss!
Lastly, our citrus trees are all in blossom in the conservatory.  We have orange, lemon, pink grapefruit and lime trees.  I don't think I've ever seen so much blossom as this year!


  1. What a delight. Gardens bring us so much joy. I love your magnolia.

  2. Oh, so beautiful! I wish we had flowers here...patience... :o) It's pretty dry here, so we don't have many flowers, so I've loved seeing yours. :o)

  3. Very pretty! You do know it's meant to snow again next week, right? That's just in the frozen north and the Peak district though, you may escape...